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Thanks to the individuals who have contributed since the inception  of the fund (2004),  the Lennox Area Community Fund had a closing balance of $309,797.18 as of 1/31/19.

During that time, LACF has donated a total of  $90,457 back to the communities of Chancellor, Worthing, and Lennox without touching any of the principal!  This is truly a fund for our communities, Forever!  


We thank you for your continued support of the LACF.  Thanks to your generosity, the funds impact continues to grow each year as our fund balance increases.  Our goal is to make annual giving to the fund, no matter how big or small, a practice for everyone who has been touched by the civic pride of our communities. 


If you ever have a question regarding the fund, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the members listed below.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!  

Jonathan Hagena


Alan Rops


Lisa Westra

Brian Zirpel


For questions or to learn more,
please contact Brian Zirpel, Treasurer
at 605.647.2228  or email 


Other Committee Members:

Don Sweeter

John Steever

Carol Wulf

Pam Elhoff

Robert Beringer

Laurie Shaffer

Tonya Ringen

Lorin Brass

Kelli Bultena

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